Friday, August 15, 2014

doTERRA essential oils...

My sweet friend, Jenny, had moved to Chicago.  She posted about these oils she had been using and how great they were helping her family.  I thought to myself...Jenny has moved to Chicago and got into "voodoo" medicine.  What in the world was she thinking?!?  She messaged me a couple of weeks later and I thought okay...I am going to order and see what these things are, I placed my first order.  I ordered the coconut oil, terra shield (the bug repellant) and lavender.  I loved them all...I thought okay..well, I will order some more and see...I ordered more and loved them as well.  I was then...a true believer in oils!  They truly have been life-changing for our family!!!

Some of my favorites:

Breathe, our respiratory blend

Lets just say this little jewel..Placed on my husband's big toes each night has helped him stop "sawing logs" at night.  We are both VERY thankful!!!

Balance, our grounding blend

I put a drop on my wrists, behind my ears, down my neck and on my heart when I feeling overwhelmed and need to "ground" myself.  As a stay at home mom to 3 sweet kiddos...I need to "ground" myself a lot around 9pm.  :0)

Serenity, our calming blend

I is definitely the calming blend.  I use this at night along with the balance.  We also diffuse this in our bedroom along with wild orange.  LOVE!!!

A couple of my other favorites:

Great for burns, allergies, bug bites, better sleep...I could on and on...

Lemon...I use this in my water every day.  It detoxes and also helps with low iron.  I make my laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, cleaning supplies and much more using this oil.

Car sickness, upset stomach, allergies, to help lower body temperature.  Another amazing oil!!!

I would LOVE to tell you more about these wonderful oils and how they might can help you!!!  They truly are amazing!!!

You can like my business page, doTERRA chicks, on facebook.  We post a lot of different recipes, crafts and giveaways on there!  

I want to do a giveaway for the bloggers that are visiting from Kelly's Korner...if you go to my facebook page and like it...come back over and tell me the oils you would like to try...and I will get my oldest to pick a winner for $25 worth of free oils.

If you would like to read more about the oils...go check out my website at

Thanks for visiting!!!

**I do not treat, prevent or cure!!!  These are my own testimonials...:0)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

five on friday fun...


everyone told me how much life would change with adding a 3rd kiddo to our home...i never really thought about it till mary jayne joined us!!!  wow!!!  life has definitely changed and has been much more challenging but i would not change it for the world.


quinn had his first dress up day at school.  so, it was the first time as a mom...i could go all out.  he dressed up as an indian.  yes!!!  i am one of those over the top moms...i am going to enjoy it though.  thanks to gigi (my mom for spicing up the outfit for us)!!!


i haven't put a full face of makeup on since mary jayne was born.  my mom points this out to me a lot...but i DO LOVE makeup.  i buy a lot of youtube videos about it...and play in it but just don't have time to do it when we are going somewhere...


all my children's names are family names...

Quinn is James Quinton Dickerson V...that one is easy to figure out.
Qualls Denton Dickerson...Qualls is my mother's maiden name.  Denton is my grandfather and brother's middle name.
Mary Jayne...Mary is after my grandmother and a good friend that passed away from colon cancer.  Jayne is after my lovely mother.  


i would move to Los Angeles, CA in a millisecond.  i love everything it offers.  J.Q. knows it is also...he looks at houses out there all the time online.  i would be closer to my brother and jessica, an hour away from disneyland, an hour away from the ocean, an hour or less away from mountains...who would not want to live out there?  if only someone would win the lottery or hit it big...moving out there is not the problem.  it is the shopping that i would do...

**i forgot to post this a while, just thought i would post it today!!!  happy reading!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

what a fun giveaway?!?!?

click on the above link for a FUN giveaway!!!  $500 gift card to NORDSTROM!!!


Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

silent auction for the turner family...

a silent auction is taking place for the turner family.  if you have not have read their story...please do so here.  the blogging community is coming together to help support julee and preslee.  

there are so many things up for auction to help support this precious family.

if you would like to bid on any items and help out...check them out here!

i am auctioning off a $50 gift card to my shop...the chunky monkey.

how you can bid on this item:
*place your bid in the comments section of this blog post.
*make sure you leave your NAME, EMAIL and BID PRICE.
*all bids must be in $1 increments.  if the last bid is $10.00 then the next bid must be $11.00 or higher.
the bidding will close on Friday {October 19, 2012} at 10:00 pm EST.
The highest bidder will be the winner.

payment will be accepted via PayPal.  the winner will be emailed a paypal invoice for the bid price.  once the payment is received...i will email you and you can pick out whatever items you would like and i will get to work!!!

i also wanted to include the information for the memorial fund that has been set up:
Preslee Turner College Fund
Summit Bank
PO Box 965
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

Friday, February 25, 2011

show us your life - the chunky monkey

it is show us your life - what you make over at kelly's korner this week!
the chunky monkey specializes in everything FUN!
i create appliqued tshirts, bibs, dresses, day gowns, pillowcases...if it can be appliqued...i can do it!
here are a few examples of my work:

pillowcase with name...can match any room decor!

letter with Cars movie material...

pirate girl for a birthday party! i can make birthday shirts to match any theme!

crown with initial...

alligator on green shirt...the gator wraps around the shirt...

girl st. patty's day shirt...

boy st. patty's day shirt...

st. patty's day shirt with tutu and hairbow

cupcake with initial...

easter bunny in a race car...

easter bunny...

back of the easter bunny...

peeking bunny out of an egg with initial...

you can find me on facebook under the chunky monkey!
if you have any questions...please email me at
thanks so much for looking!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

show us your life - the chunky monkey

it is show us your life - what you make over at kelly's korner this week...

my little business, the chunky monkey, specializes in everything FUN! i do custom applique tshirts for children! here are just a couple of examples...

you can find me on facebook under the chunky monkey! if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

thanks for looking!!!