Friday, August 15, 2014

doTERRA essential oils...

My sweet friend, Jenny, had moved to Chicago.  She posted about these oils she had been using and how great they were helping her family.  I thought to myself...Jenny has moved to Chicago and got into "voodoo" medicine.  What in the world was she thinking?!?  She messaged me a couple of weeks later and I thought okay...I am going to order and see what these things are, I placed my first order.  I ordered the coconut oil, terra shield (the bug repellant) and lavender.  I loved them all...I thought okay..well, I will order some more and see...I ordered more and loved them as well.  I was then...a true believer in oils!  They truly have been life-changing for our family!!!

Some of my favorites:

Breathe, our respiratory blend

Lets just say this little jewel..Placed on my husband's big toes each night has helped him stop "sawing logs" at night.  We are both VERY thankful!!!

Balance, our grounding blend

I put a drop on my wrists, behind my ears, down my neck and on my heart when I feeling overwhelmed and need to "ground" myself.  As a stay at home mom to 3 sweet kiddos...I need to "ground" myself a lot around 9pm.  :0)

Serenity, our calming blend

I is definitely the calming blend.  I use this at night along with the balance.  We also diffuse this in our bedroom along with wild orange.  LOVE!!!

A couple of my other favorites:

Great for burns, allergies, bug bites, better sleep...I could on and on...

Lemon...I use this in my water every day.  It detoxes and also helps with low iron.  I make my laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, cleaning supplies and much more using this oil.

Car sickness, upset stomach, allergies, to help lower body temperature.  Another amazing oil!!!

I would LOVE to tell you more about these wonderful oils and how they might can help you!!!  They truly are amazing!!!

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**I do not treat, prevent or cure!!!  These are my own testimonials...:0)