Friday, January 29, 2010

Quinn's obsession...

When Meredith was born...Luke stayed with J.Q. and I.

I believe that we watched the Cars movie a million times.

The whole family would be on a hunt for the new Lightening McQueen. Luke had each and every one of them (yes...Luke got pretty much everything he wanted...he was the first baby in our family in almost 20 years).

So, when Qualls was born...GiGi and Pops bought Quinn the Cars movie...since then he has been obsessed. We have watched the movie a million times (sad thing...with all of the times that the movie has been on...I have yet to watch the movie the whole way through). He has all the cars that are in the movie and as you have seen in other posts...He got the powerwheels Lightening McQueen from Santa. Quinn also sleeps each night with McQueen in one hand and Mater in the other. He also wears his Cars pajamas almost every night. you can see...Quinn is obsessed!!! bring a smile to your face...

Just a couple of pictures from January that I have yet to post...
Qualls in his rock n roll pajamas...we got these for you...Uncle Tobey!!!

Quinn playing outside with J.Q. on a sunny Winter day!!!

Qualls ready to roll!!!

Meredith, Luke and Quinn at Meredith's 3rd birthday party

Luke and Qualls at MeMaw's house
(notice: MeMaw hiding...she said she hadn't fixed her hair so we didn't want to be in the picture...cracks me up!!!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

where does the time go?

Today...I filled out Quinn's application for our church dayschool (not real sure about this yet!). It feels like yesterday I was watching him roll over for the first time like Qualls. It is crazy how time flies. One of my resolutions this year was to stop going all the time and ENJOY these moments with the boys! It is only here for a short time!

Quinn - 3 days old
(please excuse the yellow eyes...he was really jaundice)

When did he go from this...

to this?

Quinn - today

Everytime I hear this Darius Rucker song...I get tears in my eyes! He is talking about his daughter but I always relate it to the boys. It really isn't going to be this way for long.

Not real sure if I am ready for this phase to begin???

Friday, January 22, 2010

show us where you live...SHOPPING!!!

As you have seen from recent posts...I read a blog called Kelly's Korner and every week she hosts "show us where you live" on week it might be your wedding pictures, your kitchen or favorite recipes. I decided since I just started blogging that I would join in the fun. What better time to do that but on your favorite places to shop week?!? I LOVE to shop for myself and my kiddos!!! The husband doesn't LOVE it so much!!!

It is a great place for unique pieces that can add a little spunk to your wardrobe.

pink, ruffles, bow...nothing more needs to be said.

they carry great stuff to cover up the belly flop (from having babies)...I love my babies and my belly flop as I call it...but I do love shirts that cover it up as it goes down.

The next place I have found recently is Modcloth. They have some of the cutest dresses! They also run really good sales!

You can never go wrong at the Taylors...Ann Taylor or The Loft. Very cute stuff! Ann Taylor has been running so many deals here recently of 40% off one item. Love that!!!

For the kiddos...

Best place ever for deals! Especially since they only wear them for a small amount of time! I have a list of the name brands that I like and I just type them in along with the size I am looking for and start bidding! I have gotten some very cute outfits for less than half the retail price! Can't beat that!

Cutest one of a kind clothes...Melia made a lot of stuff for my 1st son before I started sewing myself. LOVE everything she has done and is wonderful to work will not be disappointed!!!

The next really can't shop there but I love everything she mom!!! She smocks for my kids and every outfit is off the charts!!! She smocked all of Quinn's panel pictures and will do the same for Qualls.

Quinn in his 6 month outfit...the cow jumped over the moon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

papaw and the hat...

Quinn loves to aggravate Papaw about his hat! He always tries to get it off his head and run with it! We took GiGi out for her birthday and when we got home...Quinn was getting ready for bed but he decided he needed to get Papaw's hat first...

Let me have it Papaw....

I got it...

Papaw got it back and Quinn was telling on him to GiGi...

He got over it quick and was ready for his close up! Yelling...CHEESE!

Papaw tickling Quinn...and now...Quinn was no way near going to bed!


Monday, January 18, 2010

our compassion child...

I frequently visit a blog called Kelly's Korner. LOVE that blog! If you have never visited...I recommend you do so! Her and her husband recently went on a trip with Compassion to El Salvador and I was so moved by her pictures and thoughts while on the trip. I have always wanted to adopt a child this way but have always been scared that the children would not receive the money. I feel certain that the $38 a month we will be giving...will be going to our sweet child that we have decided to adopt.
Meet our Compassion child...
Worrapan Klaipana from Thailand. She is 4 years old and shares a birthday with my sweet neice, Meredith. I was looking through the children's pictures on the Compassion website and she was the first one that I clicked on and noticed she had the same birthday as Meredith. I knew she was the one! I cannot wait to write her letters and send her surprises!

happy 3 months...Qualls!!!

Qualls turned 3 months old on the 5th of January. We can hardly believe it!

Qualls - 1 month

Qualls - 2 months

Qualls - 3 months

What is Qualls doing at 3 months?

wearing size 1 diapers during the day and size 2 at night
will sleep a 5 to 6 hour stretch at night
drinking between 6 to 7 bottles a day at 6oz. (which means ALOT of formula)
usually takes 3 naps
loves playing on his playmat
will laugh and coo all day...he is a really happy baby
has the brightest smile
wearing 3 to 6 month old clothes

We are very blessed with a happy and beautiful baby boy!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

everything you do i can do better...definitely crying...

Quinn was not Qualls' fan at all when he was born. Qualls would cry...Quinn would cry! It was a rough couple of weeks! It has gotten soooo much better in the last month! Here is a video I caught of Quinn and Qualls...before it got better!

Qualls and his thumb...

Qualls has found his thumb!!! Quinn wanted to suck his thumb but I was so against it for some reason. Everytime he would put his thumb in his mouth...I would exchange it for a paci! With that said...I really wish I would have let Quinn suck his thumb. I think he would have been a better baby! So, if Qualls wants to suck his thumb...Qualls will suck his thumb!!! This mom learned with her first one!!!

christmas with MeMaw, Papa and Aunt Jennifer...

This Christmas was busy and definitely busy with J.Q. working Christmas Eve and the weekend after Christmas. We only really had Christmas Day to celebrate with our families. We also did not feel ready to travel with both kiddos, MeMaw, Papa and Aunt Jennifer came to Hohenwald to celebrate with us Christmas night.

Qualls was worn out! He slept in his swing for about 2 hours while we opened up presents!

Quinn and J.Q. opening presents! Quinn opened up a Lightening McQueen remote control car, that is all he wanted to play with!!!

Qualls finally woke up and opened his presents! J.Q. and MeMaw helped him out!

**Please excuse my house! We were on the run for 2 days straight!!!

christmas at Granny/MeMaw's house...

A couple of years ago, we started doing stockings on Christmas morning at Granny's house (if you are wondering about the MeMaw...Luke started calling her MeMaw when he was younger so Meredith, Quinn, Luke and Noah call her MeMaw...and I am sure Qualls will when he starts talking). Quinn also calls her the Cat Lady because she has a cat named Tiger. That boy can come up with some things! Anyways, we go over early in the morning and open stockings with Granny, Uncle Tobey and Miss Jessica. I didn't get a picture of Granny this year but she got a set of pots and pans. She had been wanting them so instead of getting her a bunch of little things...she just got one present!

Uncle Tobey opening up his stocking! He gets the most recent season of Lost on DVD every year! I guess after this next year he will have to move on to some other show! He also got a bunch of movies with STRANGE names...Mister Lonely, Gummo, etc. I feel really sorry for Jessica! I just hope he watches them when she is not there!
Jessica and some of her stocking!!!

I didn't take many pictures this year at Granny's for some reason! I think I was trying to watch both boys and forgot about my camera! Here are just a couple...

J.Q. and Quinn checking out something Quinn got...I am sure it is something Lightening McQueen!!!

GiGi and the boys after opening presents! If you have not noticed...Quinn is a HUGE GiGi fan! If she is will always find him close to her or on her lap!

Granny always goes way over the top with Christmas! She loves it so we just let her do it! We have complained for many years and it never makes a difference!!!

these boys must have been good this year...

Santa came for a visit this year and the boys must have been really good. J.Q. and I enjoyed watching Quinn get really excited! I am sure in the coming years both him and Qualls will be soooo much fun! Quinn's big present was his Lightening McQueen powerwheels car. He loves it! Qualls got baby toys that he will enjoy in the coming months!

We have a really cute Santa cookie plate but for some reason Santa moved his cookie and milk to the Lightening McQueen plate this year...I believe there is a theme going on!

Qualls and some of his toys that Santa brought him for being a good boy!!! It does look like a star is attached to his head in this pic...never noticed it till Julie Dilworth pointed it out to me on facebook! Ha!!!

Quinn telling us "bye" when he got in his car! He kept saying "me drive, drive, mommy" over and over again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

christmas eve at GiGi and Pops' house...

Christmas Eve night is spent celebrating Christmas at GiGi and Pops' house. The kids have a wonderful time looking at their Christmas village and making the train go around it. I believe they have to get new batteries every year for the train because the kids run them down. The adults are usually tired of hearing the train's horn by the end of the night. We always have steak and baked potatoes for is a great break from the usually Christmas meal!!! Pops can cook a wonderful steak too!!!

Meredith and Quinn sitting on top of the playhouse in the playroom! They were ready for the presents!!!
Qualls' stepstool from GiGi and Pops! Love it! They got Quinn one for his first Christmas and he loves it and so do I! I put in Qualls' request really early this year!!!

The kids looking and playing with the Christmas Village's train. I believe Meredith is the conductor in this picture!

They play and play with this each year!

christmas eve at mamie paige's house...

Christmas Eve morning is always spent at Mamie Paige's house celebrating with my mom's side of the family. J.Q. did not get to join us because he had to work. I guess people need their medicine! This year, we welcomed two new babies to this side of our family...Qualls and sweet Anabelle, who was born a week earlier!

Mamie Paige, Mom/GiGi and Qualls. Mamie Paige loves that we named him Qualls after her last name and Mom's maiden name.

Uncle Tobey and Quinn. Everyone tells us that Quinn looks just like his Uncle Tobey...maybe not now but when he was younger! Just Kidding...We LOVE Uncle Tobey and wish him and Miss Jessica lived closer to us! One of mine and Quinn's New Years to get them back to Nashville!!! Is it working yet, Uncle Tobey?

Mamie Paige with her grandkids and great grandkids...Uncle Tobey, Miss Jessica, Luke, Meredith and Quinn

Mamie Paige with Kathryn, Stephan, Sam, Summer and Anabelle.

We missed our Aunt Linda, my mom's sister, this year who passed away in April from Lung Cancer. She might not have been there in body but she was definitely there in spirit. We miss her each and every day!!!!

picture outtakes from our christmas card photo session...

Quinn saying he has "three clues" from Blues Clues...Qualls thinking what in the world is he doing?

I better never see a mugshot of Quinn...but if he had one at 2...this would be it!

Quinn doing his best Nixon

Quinn thinks Qualls is a dog...he always wants to pat his head?!? Who knows? Quinn doesn't even like dogs!!!

Looks like Qualls is saying "Lets Go" or probably better yet..."Can we be done with this?"

Thanks to J.Q. teaching Quinn this recently..Quinn giving Qualls bunny ears!

christmas parade and the rockettes...

We celebrated Christmas pretty much the whole month of December!

Quinn, Qualls, GiGi (my mom) and myself enjoyed our local town's Christmas parade at the beginning of the month. Quinn and I stood out in the cold and watched the parade. We had to get some candy!!! GiGi and Qualls watched but stayed warm inside the car! The parade itself was pretty interesting! I remember as a kid a lot of floats but there were only a few this year. Quinn seemed to enjoy it so that is what really matters!!!

GiGi and Quinn eating at The Emporium before the parade

Qualls chewing on his paci (in a strange way) getting ready to watch the parade

We also went to watch the Rockettes with GiGi and Pops (aka as PaPaw to Quinn...he renamed him for some reason?!?) We had a really good time! Quinn seemed to enjoy the show. Qualls pretty much slept and only woke up to have a bottle! The life of a baby!!!

Quinn eating M&Ms getting ready to watch the Rockettes!

Qualls before leaving to go see the Rockettes!

The Opryland area was packed! There were people everywhere shopping and getting ready for Christmas! Mom and I got to shop a little at Forever 21 (one of my favorites for trendy items and jewelry) while the men went to the car. They said it was because of all the people...good excuse but the SEC football championship was on the radio!