Sunday, February 28, 2010

filled to the brim of...FUN!!!

we have had a great weekend here in the dickerson house!

friday - i got out for a while and had lunch with my friend, mary elizabeth, and her youngest, matthew!!! my kiddos stayed at home with jq. i had planned to take qualls with me but he had a little cold. jq was afraid he would give it to matthew so he stayed home too. i really think j.q. just wanted to have a "boy" day at home and give me a day out by myself. jq is a great daddy or as quinn calls him "das".

i had a very good "mommy" day!!!

saturday - the boys and i went to a birthday party for their friend, kailee. i had my camera but i never took a picture! i don't know what i was thinking!!! after the party, the boys and i went to gigi and pops' house for a visit while j.q. went to a meeting at church. quinn decided he needed a snack so gigi got out the whales (like goldfish). qualls was really interested in the whales! i think it might be time for us to start solids! i don't know about you other moms out there but i do not like starting solids?!? ugh!!! always a big mess! we might start in the next couple of weeks! we haven't started because qualls does have eczema and the pediatrician wants us to put solids off as long as we can...just because usually kiddos with eczema have allergies. we shall see!!!

qualls checking out the whale box

i believe there is something to eat in there...

jq came over after he got done with his meeting. quinn is just silly taking pictures here lately!!!

today - we went to church this morning. then, ate lunch with gigi and pops. we are all hoping we can catch a nap before church tonight!!! we will see if the boys will cooperate or if they have another plan?!?

qualls and i after church

jq with the "Q" men. both of the boys outfits have "Q" smocked on them. gigi smocked quinn's last year for easter and did qualls for his 3 month pictures. so cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

things and favorite things...

i am training for the half marathon that will take place on april 24th. this is a mommy goal of mine. i have been having a hard time here lately getting motivated to get to the gym and run. this will be my 4th time running in the half. the last time i ran in it...i completed it in 2hrs and 3 min. this time...i just want to finish!!!

love love love my nalgene water bottle! i keep it with me at all times. i am usually able to get my water intake for the day but keeping it with me.

love these diapers. so soft and they just smell like a newborn!!! qualls is almost out of them. jq and i went to buy diapers at target on our valentines day date (we did other things...not just go get diapers) and they only had a size 2-3. i about had a breakdown in the diaper aisle. so, i bought them. qualls really needs the size 3 not the 2-3. i might just keep buying the diapers and get a roll of duct tape. just kidding!!!

korres lip butter in jasmine...

makes your lips soft and is a great natural color. i go through this like crazy!!!

this is by far the best chapstick/lip balm i have found. i was a big fan of the arbonne lip balm till i stumbled upon this one. i about used a whole tube of it in the hospital when i had qualls!!!

giuliana and bill...

this show cracks me up! i think the reason it does is because they remind me of myself and jq. some of the things that bill says to giuliana are things that jq has said to me. makes me laugh!!!

two of my favorite little boys...

quinn around 4 months

qualls around 4 months

we are trying to decide if they look alike?!?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

he loves me...he really loves me...

last night, quinn wanted to lay on the couch beside qualls. so, jq laid qualls down and quinn got right up beside him. i ran for my camera (as you notice...i didn't even waste time taking the camo blanket out from behind them) because this is a rare thing around our house...getting both boys in one picture!!!

why oh why?!?

could quinn not do this yesterday at the photographers?!?

the boys (quinn with his "monk" and qualls doing his usual...hands in mouth)

smiling little one...

quinn kissing his little brother

quinn with his "monk" from gigi and papaw

on a different note...

i will be so glad when this...

the bachelor

is OVER!!!

so, i can have my monday nights back! why in the world is that show so addicting?

Monday, February 22, 2010

i only ask for one...

today, we took qualls for his 3 month pictures (yes...we are almost 2 months behind!). i also wanted a picture of the boys together. i worked yesterday getting the family bassinet ready because the picture i wanted was qualls laying in it and quinn looking over the side.

qualls went first and did great! smiled, cooed, laughed...wonderful!

then it was time for the pictures of the boys together....

quinn looked like this is the majority of them...

needless to say...the picture i dreamed of...did not take place...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

playing + friends = fun times...

on friday, quinn's friend, gregory, came over to play for the day. they had a great time playing with every toy in quinn's room, riding on the cars trike and john deere gator and jumping in the jumper. they both even skipped nap that day!!! later in the afternoon...aunt abbe and memaw/granny came over and brought meredith. meredith then got to enjoy the jumper with the boys. aunt abbe also took them outside to run. lets just say by the end of the day...

we had 3 tired kiddos...

sweet meredith in the jumper...notice the static in her hair!!!

gregory having a ball!!!

all three kiddos through the sides of the jumper

qualls got to enjoy watching the bigger kids in his own jumper!

a sweet little boy with the prettiest eyes

do you think they had enough toys out?

notice gregory going for something under the bed! ha!

Friday, February 19, 2010

show us your life...ministry...or a path that you have walked...

over at show us your life...ministry. this post is not really a ministry but a road that i have traveled...
the "C" a word that has had a great impact on my life. not that i have had cancer but have walked the path of cancer with two incredible women. they both lost their battle but along the way taught me more about the person i want and strive to be every day.

the first person is mary. right out of college...i got a job at character counts! nashville and worked with mary. mary was my boss but she was my friend too...she hosted my lingerie shower when i got married, watched me run my first half marathon (she ran along with me cheering for a while too) and loved me as a sister.

she was a dedicated christian and a remarkable woman.

both of our lives changed pretty quickly one day...i took another job in corporate america and left the job with mary. i knew i would miss her but the $$$ was good (but believe me you definitely earned it...long hours!!!) so it was really hard for me to turn it down. the first day on the new job...i get an email from mary saying she did not feel well and was going to go to the doctor. her legs were killing her but she thought it was from the long flight she just got back on from california. she was diagnosed with dvts. very very very lucky to be with us at this point. they could not really figure out the reason for the blood clots so they pretty much said it was due to her birth control. mary went undiagnosed for 3 months. the dvts were caused by cancer.

at the age of 34...mary had stage IV colon cancer.

mary had surgery soon after her diagnosis and they removed part of her colon. after she recovered, she started her chemotherapy. during this time, my job was just a mess! so, my husband and i decided that i would turn in my 2 week notice and try to look for another job. i do believe the Lord was working during this because after my two week notice was about the time mary was diagnosed. her family lived in west virginia...she was the only one here in TN. her mother came to live here but she needed help. so i was the help! i did not return to work till almost the very end of mary's fight. i went to almost every chemotherapy with her, stayed with her to give her mother a break, talked about her fears and death, would go out to eat when she felt like eating, stayed at the hospital with her overnight, and prayed with her constantly for a cure and understanding. the thing was...during this time...

i learned more about myself than anything.

the thing with cancer is...

**you are in a battle with a disease...just like you are in a battle every day with the devil

**while you could remove yourself from the situation and from the possibility of heartbreak from the loss of a loved keep going...just like the Lord does for us each and every day when we sin and remove ourselves from Him.

**and with a win or loss from the disease...your life from the point of diagnosis has a different meaning. your life is totally different...just like when we accept Christ and are baptized. our life is totally different and has a whole new meaning.

mary was a fighter. she so desperately wanted to live. i remember the night the doctor arrived in her hospital room to tell her that there was nothing else they could do. mary hugged fogelberg, who was the then executive director of character counts!, and said we have so much more to do.

the night mary passed. we read scripture with her (psalms 22) and sang songs (one i remember is "it is well"). mary was in and out throughout the night...mary also wanted to know why Jesus was looking in the window. at the moment...of hearing has to hard as it is saying good-bye...mary was going to be okay.

the day after mary passed...i was going to start a new beginning...a new normal.

mary is in the back. she went to honduras over spring break to teach the six pillars of character to the children and teachers.

the next person that walked the path of the "c" word was my aunt linda. she was diagnosed with lung cancer and lived for almost 7 months after her diagnosis. she was one strong lady. i have never meant someone that has so much determination. during her journey, we had a lot of fun. we would visit with her about every week. we got gigi cupcakes numerous times, went to the wig store, and got our fair share of starbucks.

one thing is for sure...aunt linda was not a kid person but she loved quinn...and quinn loved her.

the day that aunt linda passed...i had a hard time with God. our prayer the whole time was for her to not suffer...and she was suffering. i prayed hard for God to just go ahead and take her. i was praying for the, why couldn't God just do it. i was not asking for a miracle. i was asking for the worst. i had a hard time on my way home that night.

i talked to my mom later and she reminded me...

that God did not create cancer

that God did not create suffering

that our God is a compassionate God

if He created these things and was not a compassionate God...
then we would have a hard time worshipping Him. very true!
and the day after aunt linda passed...again, i started a new beginning...a new normal.

aunt linda with quinn at 8 months

quinn's painting to aunt linda.

one thing is for sure...both of these ladies' lives were definitely cut short but i am so thankful for the life lessons that they taught me while they were here with us.

this story is for those that are walking the path of the "C" word with a family member or friend...during those hard times...always remember that God is right there beside you holding your hand. it is one difficult matter the outcome.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

oh the memories...

last night, i was reading kelly's post...and i thought back to when Quinn was 11 months old. we were going to florida for a week. my sister, abbe, and her family were already down there with my grandmother. we left sunday night after J.Q. got off from work and drove to birmingham for the night. we had planned on driving the rest of the way on monday morning. we were also planning on Quinn to sleep on the way to birmingham and then putting him in the bed when we got there...easy, huh? not so much!!! he screamed from the time we got in the room till the time we left around 2am. he did not want anything to do with that room. our room was at the end of the hallway and J.Q. went to the car to get something...he came back and said that he could hear Quinn screaming in the lobby. so...that meant that every person between our room and the lobby were hearing this child screaming!!! so...after everything i had in "my mom hat of things to calm your child" was used and had not succeeded...we decided to get in the car and just drive the rest of the way. i had to convince J.Q. that Quinn would be fine (he did okay...not the best but okay?!?) down there with the family because he just wanted to come back home!!! we loaded the car back up and as soon as Quinn's head hit is carseat...he was out!!! UGH!!! thank goodness my sweet grandmother was there because she took Quinn and J.Q. and I got to rest some before hitting the beach. the positive thing was...we did get an extra day on the beach by getting there bright and early on monday morning!

here are a couple of pictures from our trip on the way down...

about to leave...we are excited and ready!!! Quinn was in a great mood!!!

and then....

not so great mood

i believe this was about an hour into the brief hotel stay in birmingham...

the clock...this was about 2 hours into the screaming...

still mad...

arrived in florida...monday morning...happy as can be playing with meredith...

all the while...his parents were worn out!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"the flying tomato"

we are really into the olympics here in the dickerson household. we love it and look forward to it every night. tonight was snowboarding featuring "the flying tomato" aka as shaun white. wow!!! that guy is a determined young man...he wants to be the best!!!

shaun white

i love his hair too! my mom and i were talking tonight about the women athletes...and how each one of them have the best skin?!? they need to do a special on their skin care regimen...i would definitely be interested to see what they do!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my heart is in haiti...

i went to college (and am friends) with two of the most talented people i know, kristi and brad...and of course; they got married!!! they designed and donated t-shirts for haiti relief! every single cent goes to haiti!!! i ordered one and got it in the mail today and LOVE it! go check out their website and purchase a shirt!

also, check out kristi's website. you will not be disappointed!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

crayon valentines....

this year for Quinn's valentines...i decided to give something that he loves at this time in his life!!! and it is definitely some "coos" aka as crayons. i found this link and we went from there!!!

the supplies....

a little card to attach to the crayons...i used darby's tutorial over at fly through our window

printed the cards out and attached them to cardstock...taped them to the crayons...since i could not find my holepunch! why is it that you cannot find the stuff that you...need when you need it?

tied a ribbon around them...

ready to be delivered to friends!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the gift of an ordinary day...

my friend, mary elizabeth, sent me the following link...

she had wrote for me to have my tissues ready! i definitely needed too!!!

katrina kension's book, the gift of an ordinary day, is definitely on my get list!!!

show us your life...valentine's dates or ideas!!!

over at kellyskorner this tell us about your valentine's dates!

i was sitting here talking to J.Q. about our 1st valentine's day as a couple and is it sad that we can hardly remember what we did?!? it was 2003 which was also the year that we both graduated from college, moved to nashville, our 1st nephew was born, got engaged and married! crazy year for sure!!!

back to valentine's day...i was living in henderson, tn attending freed-hardeman university and J.Q. was doing his rotations for pharamacy school in mississippi. he made reservations for us at a nice restaurant in jackson...madisons. we also watched a movie...but the movie escapes both of us! we must be getting old!!! i do remember the gift that i got J.Q. i went around to places that had special meaning to us and got menus, movie tickets that i had saved, candy that we both loved, etc. and put post-it notes on each thing with why it had special meaning. i also got him a watch because he needed one!!! i mailed him all of these things in a box during the week. i do remember him calling me all excited about it. j.q. sent me the most beautiful arrangement of flowers (not roses...not a rose girl)!!!

my favorite valentine's day for sure...every valentine's day has been great and exciting but that 1st one as a couple is the one that is the most special (even though we can't remember it all!!!)

a first...with sewing...

I started sewing around this time last year. I took a class and loved it! I have made many jon jons for Quinn and other summer rompers but never attempted pants or shorts. This last week...I decided to do it! With the help of GiGi (my mom)...I sewed my first pair! Quinn wore them yesterday so I took a couple of pictures! I have already cut out another pair that are waiting on me to sew them up!!!

Quinn didn't want to put down his apple!!!

lunch with the cousins...

Yesterday...Quinn and I went to eat with our "cousin crew" at Dumplins in Franklin. Qualls and J.Q. stayed at home and played!!! Quinn loves John Michael! They usually play under the table with their trucks, tractors, etc. Who knows what it will be like this time next year with JM, Quinn and the 3 new babies (Qualls, Gray and Anabelle). We will have to rent out the whole restaurant or stick with McDonalds!!! I didn't get many pictures but here are a couple....


Quinn under the table...I am thinking a nap was pretty close in his future here...

Jumping around with Summer watching...holding sweet Anabelle!!!

Quinn on the way tired boy!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 matter what...

The books below...J.Q. and I read about 10 times a day to Quinn!!!
Quinn wants to read them over and over and over!!!
We have about memorized every book!!!
It is totally worth it though!!!