Friday, February 5, 2010

show us your and beauty favorites!

over at kellyskorner today is show us your and beauty favorites! i love makeup and always trying to find the best! there is something about buying a new gloss or lipstick...

here are a couple of things that i love...

ysl mascara singulier

love this mascara. i have tried many and this has been my favorite by far!!!

ysl touche eclat radiant touch

my makeup goal here lately is to find the best concealer (definitely with a 2 year old and 4 month old)...i have tried and bought many. i keep coming back to the ysl touche eclat. it lasts forever and i love the brush applicator.

the foundation (that i like at the moment) is the trish mcevoy even skin portable foundation . it is an all in one goes on cream to powder and has great coverage.

the best color for cheeks to me are the cheek stains from tarte. every color is pretty and has a long staying power!!!

for glosses and lipsticks...i usually always wear smashbox, laura mercier or ysl.

my favorite hair product by far is the aveda pure abundance hair potion.

it goes from a powder to a lotion in your hands or on your hair directly. it adds texture and volume...i usually add it around the crown area. i can definitely tell a difference in my hair when i do not use it. LOVE!!!

hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. I love all of your choices.. I can't believe some one else uses the tarte cheek stains.. love them!! I have a foundation by Laura Mercier but I only use is for special I think I may try the Aveda, my hair is so fine and I am always looking for something to give it a little more volume! oh.. I have been wanting to try the Radiant touch forever.. but have not splurged yet... it is still on "my wish list".

    Thanks for sharing, I love your blog, it is so cute, I would love to follow so I can come back and read more!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. ooh, thanks for all the tips, tab!! i know i can trust your taste. :)