Wednesday, March 31, 2010

look at these peeps...

first off, here are the bunnies that i did for luke and noah's tshirts...thought they turned out pretty cute.
luke's dinosaur bunny

noah's striped bunny

and now for the title of this post...

i have been cutting out a lot of these today...

even gave them a little face...
to make this...

photo from the blog, MADE

PEEPS bunny bunting from dana over at MADE.
go check out cute and dana has the best ideas for every holiday...and a lot of great tutorials...

i will post the finished product time tonight to sew them on the ribbon...

one thing...i am thanking dana for letting me know is that an end of the eraser and paint make the most perfect little circle...who would have ever thought?!? not me...
my new little circle paint brush...

and just because you have not seen his face on here recently...he certainly is soooo cute and deserves some blog time...

i cannot believe this little boy will be 6 months old next week!!! qualls is wearing an outfit that i got luke when he was a baby...luke has wore it, quinn did and now qualls!!!

qualls chewing on his favorite toy here lately. uncle tobey and miss jessica gave this little elephant to quinn when he was a baby. now, it has made its way to qualls or more like qualls' mouth!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this is happening a lot in our house...

i often refer to hacking up a lung. poor quinn has acquired a bad cold. we went on (our feels like) the weekly visit to the pediatrician today. i just got both boys checked out when i was there. qualls has a snotty nose too. of course, there is nothing they can do for, we are taking our over the counter meds and hoping the humidifier does its job. we were up a lot last night. poor quinn would cough into his blanket so he would not wake up qualls. already a sweet and thoughtful boy...i hope i can keep him this way!!!

this little machine made its way to my house last week...

the sad part...i have not even had time to plug it in. i am hoping tomorrow will be the day! i have already downloaded some appliques off of the internet to my flash drive...i am sooooooo very excited about figuring it all out!!!

tonight, i appliqued two more bunny shirts for luke and noah. they are having their easter egg hunt at school tomorrow and, i thought they needed to have a little bunny shirt. luke's bunny is in dinosaur material. that boy loves him some dinosaurs. noah's is a red/white stripe on blue...very nautical looking! they both turned out really cute!!!

here is to hoping for a night of nooooooooo...hacking up a lung!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

goin on an egg hunt...

today, our church had our annual easter egg hunt. my friend, anna, and i were over it. i did not get pictures of the decorations...i wish i had because it turned out really cute! i was so busy and trying to keep things flowing that my camera was not a priority at that time...but now i am regretting not taking too many pictures. we had an awesome turnout!!! we served pizza which was so much easier than having a food sign up sheet...and the surprise thing we did...was rent a cotton candy machine. we rented one for quinn's first birthday party and everyone loved it! oh boy...did they love it this time too!!! so much fun!!!

quinn's outfit i made for him to wear to the egg hunt!

the bunny applique

walking around...

quinn did more running around than hunting for eggs...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

some F-U-N sites...

i am sure many of you know about etsy...i LOVE me some etsy. i order stuff off of there all the time!!!

here are a couple of my favorites that i have ordered from...believe me...i am never disappointed!!!

here is the painting christy did of quinn (he was around 18 months):

these are very good presents for the grandparents. i got one done for each one of them for christmas one year and they loved it. i also got one done of luke and meredith for abbe. everything christy does is AWESOME! i can't wait to get one done of qualls. i might even do another one of quinn! :0)

the next one...i haven't received my order yet...but i am so excited about getting it.

i ordered the one on the top. i could not find any block type letters for qualls' room that i loved...lara sent me these...and i LOVE them! she is shipping them out on monday. so, when i get them in person i will put another pic on here. very cute stuff!!!

the next one i found on etsy but then ordered off of their regular website.

i have ordered quinn's birthday invitations and stationary through them. i just placed an order yesterday for qualls' stationary. i can't wait to get his in too. everything...sarah has done for me has been great!!! they have really quick turnaround. definitely, check them out!!!

another site that is so fun (but not on etsy is)...

they take various people's handwriting and make it a font! LOVE! i have downloaded many!!! the annalee font is one that i use often! the best is FREE!!!

check these sites will not be disappointed!

on another note...we have had a really low key was beautiful tuesday and, we got outside for a while and nasty and rainy. definitely an inside day!!! this weekend is our church easter egg hunt! my friend, anna, and i are, i have been busy planning!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a mom on a mission...

over the last 3 months...qualls has developed eczema. it has gradually gotten worse over the course of the last month. he was on a steriod when he had the croup...and the steriod cleared his skin up beautifully! qualls is going to be very fair!!! i will be buying the stew out of some sunscreen this spring and summer!!! after he came off of the steriod...the eczema returned with a vengenance. it was worse than it had ever been! so...i became a mom on a get that stuff cleared up.

these things have been used A LOT here in the dickerson household the last couple of weeks..

we switched to washing all of our clothes in clear all detergent. this is what the eczema clinic at vanderbilt recommends...

we even switched formula...qualls was on enfamil gentlease. they say that eczema can sometimes be because of a milk allergy so we thought we would change and just see. my brother, tobey, has a horrible milk allergy and quinn is lactose, i thought it would be worth a try to change to soy.

and today we are on this...

qualls' skin does look A LOT better. we are going to keep doing what we are doing. we are ready for warmer weather because eczema does get better in warmer temps. come on spring!!!

we also are starting a non-steriod cream tonight...hoping that it helps too!!!

i am hoping this mission will be accomplished/completed soon!!! it is driving me knuts!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

"rollin with the crayons"...

very cheesy title...i know...

for some i was making the crayon roll for quinn...the "rollin with the homies" song off of the movie, clueless, was in my brain and i changed it up to "rollin with the crayons"...i told you cheesy! i believe "rollin with the crayons" is MUCH better than the other!!!

here are pictures of my first completed crayon roll. please do not look closely because my ric rac is not very good...but i am working on it!!! i am making a "girl" one for, we will see how it turns out!!!

i got the pattern for the crayon roll off of you definitely need to check her website out...a lot of cute things!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a fun-filled weekend...warning: picture overload!!!

we had a wonderful fun-filled weekend!
friday - was the start of our youth rally at church. every friend, anna, and i are over the tshirts. the kids went with me over to the church early to help get ready. gigi picked them up when she got off from work. quinn had a wonderful time running around with his friend, gregory. qualls loved watching them run and playing with his toys.

saturday - we went back to the youth rally in the morning. i took quinn down to the day school (they provide "fun" activities for the kiddos)...i hardly ever leave quinn anywhere. he pretty much goes everywhere with me (which i love) but i decided that i needed to leave him for a while to get him ready for day school in the fall (really...just test the water). i snuck out and told lori, the teacher and friend, to call me if he got upset. i hardly got into the other building when she called. oh me! this was not starting out well...she said that he was not crying loudly...just really sobbing quietly...saying that he wanted his momma. you mothers know...that is killer!!! sobbing...quietly...asking for momma...gets me every time!!! so, i walk back down there...briskly...and they catch me before i get in the door and say he had calmed down. he was sitting with the director of the day school (which is a good thing that ms. sue can calm him down) and eating goldfish. so, i left him for about another hour before qualls and i went to get him to go home. when i walked in...he was painting his rocks for his "slingshot". they had been learning about david and goliath. quinn seemed to be having a good time till he saw me...from then on...i couldn't get out of his sight much but he had a great time! i say...pretty good for the first time!!!

quinn painting his "rocks". he was so cute in his little painting smock.

quinn's blue rocks....

standing in line to wash his hands after painting

quinn's friend, gregory, was also enjoying the fun at the day school

after painting...they went outside to play! quinn LOVES to run!!!

and he is off again...

later on that evening, my parents went with us to the mall to get quinn some new shoes. he had outgrown every pair that we had but we got stocked up!!! at the mall, the kiddos rode the carousel with gigi and pops. quinn loves the "horse".

standing in line to buy tickets...notice qualls' face. he loves all the lights!!!

gigi and qualls ready to ride

quinn and pops

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a little yum yum and wally world...

today, the boys and i had lunch with my friend, tonya, and one of her daughters, kinlee. tonya is one of my friends from back in the day. i love her!!! we ate at the junkyard dog (a fav here in the ole' town). we had a great time!!!

tonya and kinlee

the quinn man

the qualls man

kinlee sticking her tongue out at qualls! so funny!

kinlee playing peek a boo with quinn...quinn was doing the same thing on the other side of the table!

after lunch, the boys and i ventured to wal-mart. this might sound funny to some...but this was the first time that qualls has ever been to wal-mart! ha! i know he is almost 6 months old but it was something that i just had not tried yet. i usually do my shopping when jq is off or when my mom can watch them. first can't get much in the shopping cart with a carseat and diaper bag in there. so, we pretty much needed the necessities!!! of course, i had to take a picture...and who better with?!? my sweet grandmother!!! she works at wal-mart and can run circles around all of the youngins' out there!!!

qualls with granny...or as the great grandkids call her memaw...or as quinn calls her mommaw

with both the kiddos!

such a sweet picture!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kiss my brain...

one of my friends, kara, teaches quinn's sunday school class. kara is wonderful and so cute! when the kids answer a question or do something "smart"...she tells them to "kiss their brain." quinn was telling me his colors correctly the other night so i told him to "kiss his brain."

in the act...

(please excuse the dirty fingernails...we had not had a bath yet and had been into the crayons aka coos around here)

my brain...

quinn also likes to run around in my hat! he is so silly!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"lets hear it for the boys"...

today...the boys and i had lunch with jenny, jacob, mew, william and matthew. you can say...that we definitely have enough boys between us! we love it though! jacob is much older than the little ones but he is soooo great with them! quinn has been talking about "yacob" since we got home. jacob is going to be a great example (and babysitter) for our boys to look up to later down the pressure, jacob?!? quinn also loved seeing william and qualls loved seeing matthew!!! i definitely see these boys being big friends in the future. william is 4 months older than quinn and matthew is 2 months older than qualls (almost to the day). they are going to have so much fun growing up together!!!

sweet william...he has the sweetest smile!!!

qualls hanging out in his carseat (he just woke up from his nap)

matthew eating his applesauce

jacob enjoying his mcdonalds!!!

jacob and quinn playing with the tag junior...

matthew with jenny and qualls with jacob...