Thursday, March 11, 2010

first time ever...

every dad and i go to the girl's basketball state tournament in murfreesboro. it is our father and daughter trip each year. we usually go on friday and saturday but this year...we went on thursday too!!! to cheer on our LADY PANTHERS!!! this is the first time for our girl's to reach the state a basketball player alumni...i was so proud to go and cheer them on!!! we did lose by 10 but the girls played their hearts out and i hope this is the first of many more trips to the boro!!!

quinn in his lchs shirt ready to go cheer on the girls!!!

qualls was over the top cute in his panther paw onesie

quinn with pops (my dad) standing for the national anthem

lady panthers starting line up

time out

quinn slept through most of the game...which is unusual...i think he was not feeling well. we made a trip to the doctor later on in the evening...which resulted in an antibiotic

sweet qualls playing when we got home

quinn ready to play when we got home

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