Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a mom on a mission...

over the last 3 months...qualls has developed eczema. it has gradually gotten worse over the course of the last month. he was on a steriod when he had the croup...and the steriod cleared his skin up beautifully! qualls is going to be very fair!!! i will be buying the stew out of some sunscreen this spring and summer!!! after he came off of the steriod...the eczema returned with a vengenance. it was worse than it had ever been! so...i became a mom on a mission...to get that stuff cleared up.

these things have been used A LOT here in the dickerson household the last couple of weeks..

we switched to washing all of our clothes in clear all detergent. this is what the eczema clinic at vanderbilt recommends...

we even switched formula...qualls was on enfamil gentlease. they say that eczema can sometimes be because of a milk allergy so we thought we would change and just see. my brother, tobey, has a horrible milk allergy and quinn is lactose intolerant...so, i thought it would be worth a try to change to soy.

and today we are on this...

qualls' skin does look A LOT better. we are going to keep doing what we are doing. we are ready for warmer weather because eczema does get better in warmer temps. come on spring!!!

we also are starting a non-steriod cream tonight...hoping that it helps too!!!

i am hoping this mission will be accomplished/completed soon!!! it is driving me knuts!!!

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