Thursday, March 25, 2010

some F-U-N sites...

i am sure many of you know about etsy...i LOVE me some etsy. i order stuff off of there all the time!!!

here are a couple of my favorites that i have ordered from...believe me...i am never disappointed!!!

here is the painting christy did of quinn (he was around 18 months):

these are very good presents for the grandparents. i got one done for each one of them for christmas one year and they loved it. i also got one done of luke and meredith for abbe. everything christy does is AWESOME! i can't wait to get one done of qualls. i might even do another one of quinn! :0)

the next one...i haven't received my order yet...but i am so excited about getting it.

i ordered the one on the top. i could not find any block type letters for qualls' room that i loved...lara sent me these...and i LOVE them! she is shipping them out on monday. so, when i get them in person i will put another pic on here. very cute stuff!!!

the next one i found on etsy but then ordered off of their regular website.

i have ordered quinn's birthday invitations and stationary through them. i just placed an order yesterday for qualls' stationary. i can't wait to get his in too. everything...sarah has done for me has been great!!! they have really quick turnaround. definitely, check them out!!!

another site that is so fun (but not on etsy is)...

they take various people's handwriting and make it a font! LOVE! i have downloaded many!!! the annalee font is one that i use often! the best is FREE!!!

check these sites will not be disappointed!

on another note...we have had a really low key was beautiful tuesday and, we got outside for a while and nasty and rainy. definitely an inside day!!! this weekend is our church easter egg hunt! my friend, anna, and i are, i have been busy planning!!!

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