Thursday, March 18, 2010

a little yum yum and wally world...

today, the boys and i had lunch with my friend, tonya, and one of her daughters, kinlee. tonya is one of my friends from back in the day. i love her!!! we ate at the junkyard dog (a fav here in the ole' town). we had a great time!!!

tonya and kinlee

the quinn man

the qualls man

kinlee sticking her tongue out at qualls! so funny!

kinlee playing peek a boo with quinn...quinn was doing the same thing on the other side of the table!

after lunch, the boys and i ventured to wal-mart. this might sound funny to some...but this was the first time that qualls has ever been to wal-mart! ha! i know he is almost 6 months old but it was something that i just had not tried yet. i usually do my shopping when jq is off or when my mom can watch them. first can't get much in the shopping cart with a carseat and diaper bag in there. so, we pretty much needed the necessities!!! of course, i had to take a picture...and who better with?!? my sweet grandmother!!! she works at wal-mart and can run circles around all of the youngins' out there!!!

qualls with granny...or as the great grandkids call her memaw...or as quinn calls her mommaw

with both the kiddos!

such a sweet picture!!!

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