Sunday, March 21, 2010

a fun-filled weekend...warning: picture overload!!!

we had a wonderful fun-filled weekend!
friday - was the start of our youth rally at church. every friend, anna, and i are over the tshirts. the kids went with me over to the church early to help get ready. gigi picked them up when she got off from work. quinn had a wonderful time running around with his friend, gregory. qualls loved watching them run and playing with his toys.

saturday - we went back to the youth rally in the morning. i took quinn down to the day school (they provide "fun" activities for the kiddos)...i hardly ever leave quinn anywhere. he pretty much goes everywhere with me (which i love) but i decided that i needed to leave him for a while to get him ready for day school in the fall (really...just test the water). i snuck out and told lori, the teacher and friend, to call me if he got upset. i hardly got into the other building when she called. oh me! this was not starting out well...she said that he was not crying loudly...just really sobbing quietly...saying that he wanted his momma. you mothers know...that is killer!!! sobbing...quietly...asking for momma...gets me every time!!! so, i walk back down there...briskly...and they catch me before i get in the door and say he had calmed down. he was sitting with the director of the day school (which is a good thing that ms. sue can calm him down) and eating goldfish. so, i left him for about another hour before qualls and i went to get him to go home. when i walked in...he was painting his rocks for his "slingshot". they had been learning about david and goliath. quinn seemed to be having a good time till he saw me...from then on...i couldn't get out of his sight much but he had a great time! i say...pretty good for the first time!!!

quinn painting his "rocks". he was so cute in his little painting smock.

quinn's blue rocks....

standing in line to wash his hands after painting

quinn's friend, gregory, was also enjoying the fun at the day school

after painting...they went outside to play! quinn LOVES to run!!!

and he is off again...

later on that evening, my parents went with us to the mall to get quinn some new shoes. he had outgrown every pair that we had but we got stocked up!!! at the mall, the kiddos rode the carousel with gigi and pops. quinn loves the "horse".

standing in line to buy tickets...notice qualls' face. he loves all the lights!!!

gigi and qualls ready to ride

quinn and pops

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