Sunday, March 14, 2010

Qualls is 5 months old...

Qualls turned 5 months old on March 5th. We cannot believe that he is almost 1/2 year old! We continue to be blessed each day with our sweet Qualls!!!

we changed up Qualls' monthly picture this take it with his humpty dumpty. Qualls now weighs almost 18lbs. he is getting bigger and bigger each day.

what is Qualls up to at 5 months?

**still sleeping pretty well (the last week has totally been off since he has been sick)

**wears 9 to 12 month clothes. he has had a BIG growth sprut

**wearing size 3 diapers

**still drinking a good amount of formula...6.5oz per bottle

**still have not started solids. hoping to in the next couple of weeks. this time, quinn had already tried almost every vegetable!!!

**has found his feet and loves to hang onto them

**can lift his whole chest off the floor...he really wants to go but i am thankful he hasn't figured all of that out yet!!!

**working on his 2 bottom teeth

**still sleeping in the room with his pack n play...hoping to make the transition to his room after 6 months

**loves his jumper

**loves his brother and his brother is beginning to love him more each day

**cries to calm himself down to go asleep...just qualls way!!!

**still sucks his more pacifiers.

**loves to laugh!!! so happy!!!

we are looking forward to seeing what the next month brings!!!

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