Friday, March 12, 2010

the loot and weekend projects...

i have been meaning to post the pictures of the "loot" i got from the otter creek consignment sale a couple of weeks ago. i really racked up on quinn. i think by the time most boys get into the 4t size...they do not wear much smocked or dressy. not around here!!! we are going to wear it till college...just kidding...but i am going to totally max out the time that i have for that type of clothing. many women were passing by me...saying they wished their husbands would let them put those type of clothes on their boys...i have been very blessed in jq not caring what i put on the boys. i think he knows that if he does say something about it...he will have to start shopping for them and he does not want to do that! ha! i try to use it to my advantage!!! they are only little once!!! qualls' size was a little picked over by the time i got over to his size but i still got a good, he does not need much since we still have all of quinn's clothes!!!



i am hoping to complete a couple of projects this weekend!!!

one is the crayon roll from skip to my lou. my friend, mary elizabeth, has made one for quinn's friend, william. she showed it to me when we had lunch a couple of weeks ago. quinn loves "coos" so i put it on my list. i am hoping this weekend that i will be able to complete it!!!

the next one is the scented satchel from fly through our window. these boys can definitely make some really good stinkers around here and it doesn't matter how quick you get it off of them...the smell still lingers. i am hoping these will help! i am going to make for quinn's room and one for qualls'.

i have about four pairs of pants for quinn that are needing elastic put in the waist and heming. i am hoping that i get that done too. one pair is for st patricks day so i have definitely got to get those done!!! i am also hoping to get a shirt appliqued too.

it is looking like a "craft/sewing weekend" around here...

a story about quinn...quinn does not like the pediatrician's office AT ALL. he screams from the time we walk in to the time we walk out. he is not ugly...he really is just scared. dr. meneely walked in yesterday and of course...quinn gets louder and louder with his crying. dr. meneely was checking quinn out...and quinn kept saying over and over again "i am okay" and each time he would say it louder. we both were trying really hard not to bust out laughing. he is a mess! dr. meneely tells quinn every time we leave that he hopes one day they can be friends. it might happen when he is an adult and doesn't go there anymore or dr. meneely retires!

on a side note...we took quinn for his 18 month visit last march (that was the last time we were there before we had qualls...we had a very healthy spring/summer). i knew i was pregnant but did not tell dr. meneely or ms. jo ann (his sweet nurse). i just knew if they knew the dickerson's were going to have another baby they would retire! ha! they both were surprised when they got the call from the hospital that they had a new dickerson boy!!!

quinn has definitely made quite an impression on them!!! he is definitely remembered!!!

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