Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"lets hear it for the boys"...

today...the boys and i had lunch with jenny, jacob, mew, william and matthew. you can say...that we definitely have enough boys between us! we love it though! jacob is much older than the little ones but he is soooo great with them! quinn has been talking about "yacob" since we got home. jacob is going to be a great example (and babysitter) for our boys to look up to later down the road...no pressure, jacob?!? quinn also loved seeing william and qualls loved seeing matthew!!! i definitely see these boys being big friends in the future. william is 4 months older than quinn and matthew is 2 months older than qualls (almost to the day). they are going to have so much fun growing up together!!!

sweet william...he has the sweetest smile!!!

qualls hanging out in his carseat (he just woke up from his nap)

matthew eating his applesauce

jacob enjoying his mcdonalds!!!

jacob and quinn playing with the tag junior...

matthew with jenny and qualls with jacob...

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