Wednesday, March 10, 2010

simple pleasures...

a few weeks ago...kelly did a blog about "simple pleasures." everyone did a post about their "simple pleasures." i had a lot going on that week and did not get to, i thought today...
i would do my list...

hearing jq make quinn and qualls laugh

sitting on the beach

quinn saying "luv u momma"

running outside in the spring and fall

carving pumpkins

mums in the fall


sitting on the deck watching jq push quinn over and over again on the swing

hearing qualls wake up in the morning with his little squeal and coo

pumpkin smelling candles

listening to younger children sing church songs

dirt underneath quinn's fingernails...because i know he has had a good day playing

sonic vanilla diet dr pepper (jq says this is my crack) ha!

greek salad from zoe's kitchen

lunch with friends (definitely in the summer when my teacher friends are on break)

listening to my grandmothers tell stories

quinn running to me with his arms open for a hug...after he has been away from me for a day or a couple of hours

when jq comes home at night from a long day at work

that is just a few off the top of my head...

but there is nothing like enjoying the "simple" things in life...

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