Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this is happening a lot in our house...

i often refer to it...as hacking up a lung. poor quinn has acquired a bad cold. we went on (our feels like) the weekly visit to the pediatrician today. i just got both boys checked out when i was there. qualls has a snotty nose too. of course, there is nothing they can do for it...so, we are taking our over the counter meds and hoping the humidifier does its job. we were up a lot last night. poor quinn would cough into his blanket so he would not wake up qualls. already a sweet and thoughtful boy...i hope i can keep him this way!!!

this little machine made its way to my house last week...

the sad part...i have not even had time to plug it in. i am hoping tomorrow will be the day! i have already downloaded some appliques off of the internet to my flash drive...i am sooooooo very excited about figuring it all out!!!

tonight, i appliqued two more bunny shirts for luke and noah. they are having their easter egg hunt at school tomorrow and thursday...so, i thought they needed to have a little bunny shirt. luke's bunny is in dinosaur material. that boy loves him some dinosaurs. noah's is a red/white stripe on blue...very nautical looking! they both turned out really cute!!!

here is to hoping for a night of nooooooooo...hacking up a lung!!!

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