Thursday, March 4, 2010

where a kid can be a kid....

yesterday...we all loaded up and went to drop our stuff off at the consignment sale. after that...we went to chuck e cheese for some fun! quinn walked in and said "wow...look at this!" ha! the last time he was there was about a year ago so he does not remember it! quinn and qualls both had a great time! i believe their daddy had a good time too!

ready to pounce!!!

already has a pretty good shot! we are working on his follow thru!!! :0)

huh? riding in bob the builder dumptruck!!!

trying to get the ball in the frog's mouth

qualls and jq doing "ride a little horsey"

all tuckered out...holding on to his "monk"

"monk" now goes with us everywhere!!!

disclosure - it might look like quinn wears the same pjs every night...we have MANY pairs of lightening mcqueen pjs. they had them at the dollar general store...if anyone in my family passes one...they go in to see if they have any!!! we have a nice collection!!!

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