Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a whole lot of...random

believe me when i say this post is a whole lot of...random.

here it goes...

last night, i went to a skirt party. my friend, amy, hosts one every spring and fall. i missed both parties last year because i was with child. this is my 4th time going...and i love it!!!

suzanne, the owner, brings a bunch of different fabrics...you pick out the fabric, skirt style, she gets your measurements and in 4 weeks...you get a really cute skirt that fits you perfectly!!!

here is the website.

last night...makes me miss my job before babies. do not get me wrong...i love my kiddos and staying home with them. i would not trade it for the world and am very blessed with a husband that wants and is willing to help me make it possible. many of you know...i have an public accounting degree...i am not really the accounting type. so, when i found this job and was offered the position. i was so thankful! i loved it. i was the accounting manager for this wonderful school. i have many friends that still work there and miss seeing their faces on a daily basis!!! last night...i got to see a lot of them!!! fun times!!!

my hope and prayer is for the boys (and any future children) to attend school at st. paul!!!

i got up with qualls this morning around 6:30am. jq walked through the house and said "have you seen the snow!" WHAT?!? i did not even know it was suppose to snow! it has since all melted but i am ready for some 70 degree weather with plenty of sunshine. and yes...i will be complaining about the heat come june! sad but true!

i am SOOOOO tired of hearing about this...

please please please move on to something else and don't try and push it through with some type of reconciliation process...if you cannot get the votes to do it the "regular" way...just drop it...enough about that!!!

on another note...i am getting ready for the otter creek consignment sale that is this weekend. i have been tagging my items and getting ready! if you live in the nashville area...it is a wonderful sale! you should check it out!!!

enough rambling for the day...off to go play with a 2 year old, who has not had a nap for the day, that wants to draw "mater"...you know like "tuh mater" without the "tuh"...

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