Tuesday, February 23, 2010

he loves me...he really loves me...

last night, quinn wanted to lay on the couch beside qualls. so, jq laid qualls down and quinn got right up beside him. i ran for my camera (as you notice...i didn't even waste time taking the camo blanket out from behind them) because this is a rare thing around our house...getting both boys in one picture!!!

why oh why?!?

could quinn not do this yesterday at the photographers?!?

the boys (quinn with his "monk" and qualls doing his usual...hands in mouth)

smiling little one...

quinn kissing his little brother

quinn with his "monk" from gigi and papaw

on a different note...

i will be so glad when this...

the bachelor

is OVER!!!

so, i can have my monday nights back! why in the world is that show so addicting?

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