Thursday, February 25, 2010

things and favorite things...

i am training for the half marathon that will take place on april 24th. this is a mommy goal of mine. i have been having a hard time here lately getting motivated to get to the gym and run. this will be my 4th time running in the half. the last time i ran in it...i completed it in 2hrs and 3 min. this time...i just want to finish!!!

love love love my nalgene water bottle! i keep it with me at all times. i am usually able to get my water intake for the day but keeping it with me.

love these diapers. so soft and they just smell like a newborn!!! qualls is almost out of them. jq and i went to buy diapers at target on our valentines day date (we did other things...not just go get diapers) and they only had a size 2-3. i about had a breakdown in the diaper aisle. so, i bought them. qualls really needs the size 3 not the 2-3. i might just keep buying the diapers and get a roll of duct tape. just kidding!!!

korres lip butter in jasmine...

makes your lips soft and is a great natural color. i go through this like crazy!!!

this is by far the best chapstick/lip balm i have found. i was a big fan of the arbonne lip balm till i stumbled upon this one. i about used a whole tube of it in the hospital when i had qualls!!!

giuliana and bill...

this show cracks me up! i think the reason it does is because they remind me of myself and jq. some of the things that bill says to giuliana are things that jq has said to me. makes me laugh!!!

two of my favorite little boys...

quinn around 4 months

qualls around 4 months

we are trying to decide if they look alike?!?

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