Monday, February 1, 2010

the pink hat returns...

Pretty gross post...but I want to remember this...and since I am using the blog as my scrapbook/baby book...I have got to put it in here!!!

Abbe, my sister, has a thing with cradle cap. If she sees it on her kids or mine...she starts picking at it to get it off their heads. When Quinn was around 2 months, we were at their house and I looked over and Quinn's head was white from where Abbe had scratched all of the cradle cap up along with most his hair! She then went and got the baby oil, soft toothbrush and a hat. The hat she came back with was Meredith's pink one. So, Quinn wore it home and it has officially become the "cradle cap" hat. This past weekend I worked on Qualls' head and the pink hat returned.

Qualls with the pink hat

Quinn and the pink hat (around 7 months)

I could not find a picture of Quinn from the first pink hat wearing!!!

**also notice that J.Q.'s arm and hand is in both Quinn and Qualls' pictures.

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