Saturday, February 13, 2010

show us your life...valentine's dates or ideas!!!

over at kellyskorner this tell us about your valentine's dates!

i was sitting here talking to J.Q. about our 1st valentine's day as a couple and is it sad that we can hardly remember what we did?!? it was 2003 which was also the year that we both graduated from college, moved to nashville, our 1st nephew was born, got engaged and married! crazy year for sure!!!

back to valentine's day...i was living in henderson, tn attending freed-hardeman university and J.Q. was doing his rotations for pharamacy school in mississippi. he made reservations for us at a nice restaurant in jackson...madisons. we also watched a movie...but the movie escapes both of us! we must be getting old!!! i do remember the gift that i got J.Q. i went around to places that had special meaning to us and got menus, movie tickets that i had saved, candy that we both loved, etc. and put post-it notes on each thing with why it had special meaning. i also got him a watch because he needed one!!! i mailed him all of these things in a box during the week. i do remember him calling me all excited about it. j.q. sent me the most beautiful arrangement of flowers (not roses...not a rose girl)!!!

my favorite valentine's day for sure...every valentine's day has been great and exciting but that 1st one as a couple is the one that is the most special (even though we can't remember it all!!!)

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