Saturday, February 6, 2010

what did you say???

Quinn is starting to talk more and more each day. He still has a lot of stuff that we don't understand but he can tell a story. One of my friends..."wants to break his code (what he is saying)." Cracks me up! We are now afraid to say "yes" to things he asks because we do not know what we are saying "yes" to. We have really started watching what we say!!!

Here are a couple of things...Quinn has said here lately...
(some I am not so proud of but I want to remember them so they are going on here)

**we are trying to teach him "yes mam/sir" and "no mam/sir"...the other day I told him to do something and said say "yes mam"...he said "yes way." i kept saying say "yes mam"...he continued saying "yes way" and looking at me like i was crazy. so, I now understand why he has been answering me with "no way" and "yes way"...
he thinks he is saying "no mam" and "yes mam." that boy!!!

**one of the ones i am not so proud of...JQ was singing (crazy) at the top of his lungs the other day. Quinn was yelling "stop, stop, stop." i walked in the room and Quinn looked at me and said "mama, das (aka dad) sings like crap." i about died! so, he did get in trouble for saying that but i think his parents need to start watching what they say and what is on the tv when he is in the room.

**as you have seen from prior posts, Quinn loves anything about the "cars" movie. during the holidays, a tv show came on with pixar short stories and we tivoed it. he wants to watch it all the time so i have really made an effort for him to only watch it once a day. he had already watched it for the day (gigi was here visiting), he came in and set on the couch beside gigi and asked me to watch "cars"...i said "no" and gigi said "say please", Quinn says "please"...i reach for the remote and he leans back on the couch and raises his hand in victory...and loudly yells...
"yes, i got it!"

We are looking forward to many days of being entertained by Quinn and Qualls. A day will never be boring...that is for sure!!!

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