Sunday, February 28, 2010

filled to the brim of...FUN!!!

we have had a great weekend here in the dickerson house!

friday - i got out for a while and had lunch with my friend, mary elizabeth, and her youngest, matthew!!! my kiddos stayed at home with jq. i had planned to take qualls with me but he had a little cold. jq was afraid he would give it to matthew so he stayed home too. i really think j.q. just wanted to have a "boy" day at home and give me a day out by myself. jq is a great daddy or as quinn calls him "das".

i had a very good "mommy" day!!!

saturday - the boys and i went to a birthday party for their friend, kailee. i had my camera but i never took a picture! i don't know what i was thinking!!! after the party, the boys and i went to gigi and pops' house for a visit while j.q. went to a meeting at church. quinn decided he needed a snack so gigi got out the whales (like goldfish). qualls was really interested in the whales! i think it might be time for us to start solids! i don't know about you other moms out there but i do not like starting solids?!? ugh!!! always a big mess! we might start in the next couple of weeks! we haven't started because qualls does have eczema and the pediatrician wants us to put solids off as long as we can...just because usually kiddos with eczema have allergies. we shall see!!!

qualls checking out the whale box

i believe there is something to eat in there...

jq came over after he got done with his meeting. quinn is just silly taking pictures here lately!!!

today - we went to church this morning. then, ate lunch with gigi and pops. we are all hoping we can catch a nap before church tonight!!! we will see if the boys will cooperate or if they have another plan?!?

qualls and i after church

jq with the "Q" men. both of the boys outfits have "Q" smocked on them. gigi smocked quinn's last year for easter and did qualls for his 3 month pictures. so cute!

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