Friday, January 29, 2010

Quinn's obsession...

When Meredith was born...Luke stayed with J.Q. and I.

I believe that we watched the Cars movie a million times.

The whole family would be on a hunt for the new Lightening McQueen. Luke had each and every one of them (yes...Luke got pretty much everything he wanted...he was the first baby in our family in almost 20 years).

So, when Qualls was born...GiGi and Pops bought Quinn the Cars movie...since then he has been obsessed. We have watched the movie a million times (sad thing...with all of the times that the movie has been on...I have yet to watch the movie the whole way through). He has all the cars that are in the movie and as you have seen in other posts...He got the powerwheels Lightening McQueen from Santa. Quinn also sleeps each night with McQueen in one hand and Mater in the other. He also wears his Cars pajamas almost every night. you can see...Quinn is obsessed!!!

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