Saturday, January 16, 2010

these boys must have been good this year...

Santa came for a visit this year and the boys must have been really good. J.Q. and I enjoyed watching Quinn get really excited! I am sure in the coming years both him and Qualls will be soooo much fun! Quinn's big present was his Lightening McQueen powerwheels car. He loves it! Qualls got baby toys that he will enjoy in the coming months!

We have a really cute Santa cookie plate but for some reason Santa moved his cookie and milk to the Lightening McQueen plate this year...I believe there is a theme going on!

Qualls and some of his toys that Santa brought him for being a good boy!!! It does look like a star is attached to his head in this pic...never noticed it till Julie Dilworth pointed it out to me on facebook! Ha!!!

Quinn telling us "bye" when he got in his car! He kept saying "me drive, drive, mommy" over and over again!

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