Thursday, January 14, 2010

christmas parade and the rockettes...

We celebrated Christmas pretty much the whole month of December!

Quinn, Qualls, GiGi (my mom) and myself enjoyed our local town's Christmas parade at the beginning of the month. Quinn and I stood out in the cold and watched the parade. We had to get some candy!!! GiGi and Qualls watched but stayed warm inside the car! The parade itself was pretty interesting! I remember as a kid a lot of floats but there were only a few this year. Quinn seemed to enjoy it so that is what really matters!!!

GiGi and Quinn eating at The Emporium before the parade

Qualls chewing on his paci (in a strange way) getting ready to watch the parade

We also went to watch the Rockettes with GiGi and Pops (aka as PaPaw to Quinn...he renamed him for some reason?!?) We had a really good time! Quinn seemed to enjoy the show. Qualls pretty much slept and only woke up to have a bottle! The life of a baby!!!

Quinn eating M&Ms getting ready to watch the Rockettes!

Qualls before leaving to go see the Rockettes!

The Opryland area was packed! There were people everywhere shopping and getting ready for Christmas! Mom and I got to shop a little at Forever 21 (one of my favorites for trendy items and jewelry) while the men went to the car. They said it was because of all the people...good excuse but the SEC football championship was on the radio!

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