Thursday, January 14, 2010

christmas eve at GiGi and Pops' house...

Christmas Eve night is spent celebrating Christmas at GiGi and Pops' house. The kids have a wonderful time looking at their Christmas village and making the train go around it. I believe they have to get new batteries every year for the train because the kids run them down. The adults are usually tired of hearing the train's horn by the end of the night. We always have steak and baked potatoes for is a great break from the usually Christmas meal!!! Pops can cook a wonderful steak too!!!

Meredith and Quinn sitting on top of the playhouse in the playroom! They were ready for the presents!!!
Qualls' stepstool from GiGi and Pops! Love it! They got Quinn one for his first Christmas and he loves it and so do I! I put in Qualls' request really early this year!!!

The kids looking and playing with the Christmas Village's train. I believe Meredith is the conductor in this picture!

They play and play with this each year!

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