Monday, January 18, 2010

our compassion child...

I frequently visit a blog called Kelly's Korner. LOVE that blog! If you have never visited...I recommend you do so! Her and her husband recently went on a trip with Compassion to El Salvador and I was so moved by her pictures and thoughts while on the trip. I have always wanted to adopt a child this way but have always been scared that the children would not receive the money. I feel certain that the $38 a month we will be giving...will be going to our sweet child that we have decided to adopt.
Meet our Compassion child...
Worrapan Klaipana from Thailand. She is 4 years old and shares a birthday with my sweet neice, Meredith. I was looking through the children's pictures on the Compassion website and she was the first one that I clicked on and noticed she had the same birthday as Meredith. I knew she was the one! I cannot wait to write her letters and send her surprises!

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