Saturday, January 16, 2010

christmas at Granny/MeMaw's house...

A couple of years ago, we started doing stockings on Christmas morning at Granny's house (if you are wondering about the MeMaw...Luke started calling her MeMaw when he was younger so Meredith, Quinn, Luke and Noah call her MeMaw...and I am sure Qualls will when he starts talking). Quinn also calls her the Cat Lady because she has a cat named Tiger. That boy can come up with some things! Anyways, we go over early in the morning and open stockings with Granny, Uncle Tobey and Miss Jessica. I didn't get a picture of Granny this year but she got a set of pots and pans. She had been wanting them so instead of getting her a bunch of little things...she just got one present!

Uncle Tobey opening up his stocking! He gets the most recent season of Lost on DVD every year! I guess after this next year he will have to move on to some other show! He also got a bunch of movies with STRANGE names...Mister Lonely, Gummo, etc. I feel really sorry for Jessica! I just hope he watches them when she is not there!
Jessica and some of her stocking!!!

I didn't take many pictures this year at Granny's for some reason! I think I was trying to watch both boys and forgot about my camera! Here are just a couple...

J.Q. and Quinn checking out something Quinn got...I am sure it is something Lightening McQueen!!!

GiGi and the boys after opening presents! If you have not noticed...Quinn is a HUGE GiGi fan! If she is will always find him close to her or on her lap!

Granny always goes way over the top with Christmas! She loves it so we just let her do it! We have complained for many years and it never makes a difference!!!

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