Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Qualls is 9 months old...

qualls turned 9 months on the 5th of this month! i cannot believe we are only 3 months away from being one!!!

what is qualls up to this month?

*he weighs almost 24lbs.

*he is almost 31 inches long

*wearing 18 to 24 month clothes

*started "inchworming" everywhere!!!

*has 2 teeth on the bottom...working on the top 2

*our sleeping has been a little off...usually gets up once a night

*has 4 bottles at 8oz a day

*usually 3 meals in the highchair

*loves gerber puffs esp the banana and sweet potato ones

*flew for the 1st time...went to chicago to see uncle tobey and miss jessica

*playing with quinn a lot more and taking his toys away from him

*says dada and the momma part!!!

*is one PRECIOUS little boy!!!

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