Saturday, July 3, 2010

day two in the windy city...

on saturday, we caught a cab to lincoln park to eat at...

nookies too...was one of my favorite places to eat while in chicago. i had the greek omelet and it was wonderful...i am still thinking about it...and i don't think about food like that often! :0)

after we arrived at nookies...i asked jq for quinn's backpack...that contained every toy that i brought for him and qualls...the backpack was not to be found. it was left in the cab! oh, some kid in chicago is walked around with a cute monogrammed "quinn" backpack and crayon roll...

the older boys went to the cubs game against the la angels. it was a blowout but they enjoyed themselves. while they were at the game...the younger boys and the women went shopping around lincoln park. i LOVE that neighborhood. i could pack my bags and move now! tobey says that i would love it till winter...he is probably right but i would get good use out of my cute coats that i hardly wear now.

after the game and shopping, we met the rest of the crew at the apartment with the best cupcakes ever!!! the best little bakery is right next door...oh me! i would have been in big trouble if i lived by there when i was preggo with the boys!!! :0)

after i played with tobey's ipad for a while...which i totally love!!!

we went and ate at uncle julio's for supper. i was wanting some good/real mexican food and tobey found me the place. it was so good!!!

after supper, we road the train back to the hotel...quinn was dying to ride the train so we did and was it an experience. jq and i have rode the train in nyc but never with two kids...alot of stuff trying to get down the stairs...that was the one and only time we attempted it...and of course, we went to the station that was under big renovation. oh well! quinn had a ball!!!

**as you can tell...i was not really good with my camera on day two...i did get better!!!

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