Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Qualls is 6 months old...

our sweet qualls turned 6 months old on the 5th of april. i cannot believe how 1/2 a year has flown is hard to believe that in 6 more months...qualls will be a year old. makes me sad!!! but as my granny/memaw tells me..."you would be worried if he didn't grow", i guess i am happy that he is a healthy little chunky baby boy!!! we went for our 6 month visit today.

qualls weighed almost 21lbs and is 28in. long. he is in the 95% in both!!! we use to call quinn our "chunky monkey" but qualls is for sure our "chunky monkey." he is such a sweet and good natured baby and we cannot imagine what life was before he was born on october 5th!!!

here are a couple of his 6 month pictures with his humpty dumpty...

what is qualls up to at 6 months?

has been sick pretty much the whole month

has slept pretty good when he was able to breathe and not cough constantly...he will go sometimes up to 10 hours...which is wonderful!!! now, if his brother would only cooperate! :0)

wears mostly 12 month clothes but can wear some 18 month

wears a size 3 diaper

loves his exercauser and jumper

loves his big brother and his brother is beginning to love him

is kind of a mommy's boy (i love this one)

still loves his thumb

can sit up by himself pretty well...he is still doing the tripod sit but i am thinking in the next couple of days...he will master the sitting up thing

has to be sung to and tapped hard on the bottom to go to sleep...he pretty much has to cry himself to sleep...people laugh at us putting him to sleep if they have not seen it before.

drinks 4 to 5 bottles a day (8oz)...for a total of 32 to 40oz.

started solids...loves oatmeal and has tried squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. he loves his food!!! he looks like a little bird when he eats with his mouth constantly open. very sweet!!!

we cannot wait to see what the next month brings...a lot of fun...we are sure of!!!

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