Saturday, April 3, 2010

no such luck...

quinn and i made our 2nd trip to the pediatrician on friday. he was still hacking up a lung. poor little guy. this mom has not had 3 hours straight of sleep in a LONG time. i joked to my friend, jenny, the other day that if i could get an iv of diet dr pepper...i would!!! i would go to bed...then qualls would wake up for a bottle. i would get back in the bed for about an hour then...quinn would wake up coughing. get quinn back to bed. qualls would wake up. pretty much the routine of the past 7 nights...of course, this is jq's long week at work. i believe these boys already have started "ganging" up against me!!!

this little beauty made the trip home with us on friday along with an antibiotic...

the nebulizer...

quinn has done pretty well with it. my mom did the first treatment with him. bless her heart...since she is a nurse i ask her to do all of that kind of stuff. she doesn't care at all. very very thankful for that!!! :0) we are on day 2 and quinn is doing better. hope it continues...but it does look like qualls is getting what quinn has been fighting.

on the way to the doctor on friday...i was thinking about all of the parents that are going through chemo with their children or any other type of serious sickness. i cannot imagine what they are going through...i say a prayer for them every night. my heart aches for them.

on a funny note...dr. meneely was done seeing quinn and i was getting him ready to leave. he looks at me and says "mom, lets get out of here." even sick...he just cracks me up!!!

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