Thursday, April 1, 2010

some peeps, a bum and a little toe...

i finished up the PEEPS bunting banner that i posted about yesterday. it turned out really cute. here are a couple of found a home on our entertainment center. quinn loves counting all the PEEPS.

i finished up feeding qualls his cereal tonight...looked down and his toe had busted through the end of his funny! cute little toe though!!!

i love these up and up diapers from target. i got some the other day for quinn...his diaper days are limited. big boy underwear coming soon!!! a cute little bum and cute little legs too!!!

funny moments from today...
i asked quinn what he wanted to drink...he said "diet peep" mom. i think he hears this way too much here...i do like some diet dr pepper!!!
quinn looked at me rubbing his tummy (right after he finished lunch) and said "mom, i sure am hungry." and off he goes running...what for?!? a cookie!!!

silly silly silly boy!!!

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