Thursday, May 13, 2010

qualls is 7 months old...

our sweet qualls turned 7 months old on the 5th of may! i cannot believe it! i ordered his big boy carseat today. he has not reached the weight limit (even though...carrying him around in his infant seat feels like it)...but he has reached the height limit.

what is qualls up to at 7 months?

wearing a size 4 diaper

going to sleep around 7pm at night (we can not really mess with this...i tried moving it back to 8pm or so...not going to happen...he got overtired and was up ALL night!!!). he wakes up at 1am for a bottle then goes back down till around 8am. he usually takes his last bottle around 6pm and a solid after that...

has tried all vegetables and fruits...LOVES not a big fan of fruits. he makes these faces and shakes his head after he tastes it...cracks me up!!!

loves his exercauser and jumper

loves his brother and his brother loves him. quinn gives him a kiss and a big hug when qualls gets up in the morning and before bedtime

loves taking baths and splashing

sits up pretty well...he is a lot of boy though! he tumbles over a lot though

started doing raspberries all the time

still loves his elephant that uncle tobey and miss jessica gave quinn when he was a baby

will roll and inchworm all over the house...cracks us up!!!

the sweetest LOVE bug ever!!!

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