Thursday, May 20, 2010

super word club and some recent projects...

tuesday...we went up to the elementary school for the kindergarten awards day. cousin noah and luke both got awards for being in the super word club! all of the kids were so cute!!!

cousin noah with his award

quinn and meredith playing with stickers that gigi and pops got them...and this is also before quinn took a fall off a step and started screaming in the middle of the awards...oh me!!!

luke with some of his classmates...check out each kid and their expression...cracks me up!!!

afterward the awards day...we went to eat with meredith, aunt abbe, aunt jo and granny/memaw. we had a really good time!!!

quinn and meredith

granny/memaw, aunt jo and qualls

here are a couple of recent projects that i have completed...

a funny story (not at the time though)...
the other night...the boys and i went to gigi and pops' house for supper. i just grabbed the formula container and took it with me. 1am...qualls woke up for his bottle. i go in the kitchen to make it and realize there is NO formula. i left it at gigi and pops' house. oh me! i had to wake jq up to keep qualls entertained so i could run to wal-mart to get formula. i really don't remember going to wal-mart...which is really scary. when i walked in the door...i had a screaming 7 month old.

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