Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Qualls is 8 months old...

qualls is another month closer to being a year old. he is getting so big and full of personality!!!

what has qualls been up to this month?

he got his bottom two teeth

ate his first gerber puffs (banana)

going to bed around 7pm and getting up around 6am. he is still getting (most nights) up once a night.

still sucking that thumb!!!

wears 12 to 18 month clothes...more 18 months though!

weighs 23lbs. and around 29in long.

has decided that he cannot go to class and church on sunday mornings. if he goes to class...he screams the whole church service...if he doesn't go to class...he is fine during church!

has really found his voice...he chats and coos all day!!!

gets 4 bottles a day (8oz) and 3 meals in his highchair.

does not like fruits...perfers vegetables...LOVES oatmeal!!!

sitting up really well...inchworming across the floor

starting to play more with quinn

still sleeping in his pack n play in the room with us...i am so bad about moving them to their rooms...oh well!

loves his jumper just like quinn did...

wears size 4 diapers...going to have to go up to size 5 for night pretty soon

still the best little lug bug ever!!!

we love you qualls and cannot wait to see what the next month brings!!!

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