Sunday, June 6, 2010

teething biscuits, puffs and a little reading...

on thursday...qualls had his 1st teething biscuit. he is finally getting his bottom 2 teeth in and wants to chew on everything. he LOVED the biscuits!!!

qualls also had his first puffs (banana) this weekend! he is alot better with them than quinn was at his age. quinn would choke on them! who knows how...they melt in your mouth. he did it on a sunday morning at church and i thought the lady behind us was going to give him the heimlich. mom and i just looked at him because we knew it would eventually melt. :0)

qualls loves the puffs! he loves being able to feed himself!

jq giving the 1st puff over...

quinn is participating in the reading program at the library here in town. abbe, tobey and i always participated in it every summer and we all loved it. we completed our first "x" this weekend. quinn marked it himself.

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